Realtime - 3DProjector is a project to create a mobile projector-camera system that can reconstruct 3d model of an object in real-time by using a structure light pattern. This project is held by the Interaction Technology Laboratory(ITL), The University of tokyo.


We proposed a checkerboard-alike pattern recognition technique, that allows the projector-camera system to reconstruct relatively dense 3D geometry of an object fast and robustly from each image capture.


By using this technique, we can create these types of application:

  • A geometry-aware projector: A projector can recognize 3D geometry while displaying other contents.
  • Realtime 3D modeling: My moving the projector around an object to capture 3D geometry from different views, we can reconstruct a 3D model of an object while viewing the reconstruction result in real-time.
  • 3D gesture-based interaction: The technique is so fast that it can recognized hand gesture in 3D manner in realtime. The gesture analytics process is on research.

Future works

There are many rooms for future research.


Vinh Ninh Dao: dao[at]
Masanori Sugimoto [at] Interaction Technology Laboratory