Realtime - 3DProjector is a project to create a mobile projector-camera system that can reconstruct 3d model of an object in real-time by using a structure light pattern.


  ipProjector stands for “Interactive Portable Projector”. In this project, we develop an interactive projector system that is self-contained, portable and able to provide real time HCI smartly even in an unknown environment.


  TimeWarp is an automatic video summarization system that adapts to users' preferences by analyzing their personal photo libraries. The system performs summarization in a way that "important" segments are emphasized, which are picked out using image classification techniques.

In-air Acoustic Imaging Technique

  Acoustic imaging techniques are currently used in such fields as medical diagnosis, underwater exploration and nondestructive testing (NDT). However, in-air acoustic imaging is also an interesting modality of imaging, and therefore we conduct research into its fundamental techniques as well as applications.