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Details of individual projects are shown below.

Ranging/Positioning Techniques

Accurate and rapid ranging/positioning technologies using acoustic and optical signals have been investigated. Based on these technologies we have been developing applications to be deployed in the real world.
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Visual/Acoustic Information Processing

We are investigating an accurate and rapid 3D capture technique based on image processing and computer vision. Also studies on 3D acoustic imaging and its theoretical analysis also conducted.
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AI/HCI Applications

By utilizing artificial intelligence and human computer interaction techniques, we are developing systems that assist us in a smart way, and devices and robots that allow us to manipulate in an intuitive manner.
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Virtual 3D Interface

Virtual 3D operations are roughly classified into two categories, virtual 3D manipulation, and virtual 3D navigation. Our researches are on such interfaces with 6 degrees of freedom using haptic interfaces, or conventional 2D devices, such as mouse multi-touch device, and so on.
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Agent System

Agent is an autonomous entity which evaluates its environment and acts. We research machine learning such as reinforcement learning, self-organizing map, etc. We also study about multi-agent systems
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Game Informatics

The implementations of real games and puzzles involve various techniques, and they can derive the progress of such techniques. Real games are classified into games with complete (perfect) information and games with incomplete (imperfect) information. There are discrete puzzles such as 15-puzzle, and Rubik’s cube, while there are continuous puzzles such as puzzle rings.
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